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Key Points of High Quality Silage

1. Preparation:

(1) Prepare black-white silage film, plastic sheeting and disinfectant preparations.

(2) Prepare Penn State Particle Separator, microwave ovens, and compact tires.

(3) Prepare silage starter according to the silage reserve, and spray silage starter twice in the rainy season.

(4) There are buckets for diluting bacteria liquid and equipment for spraying bacteria liquid (high pressure water gun).

(5) Prepare compaction machinery such as 50-type loaders.

(6) Prepare small equipment such as hook machine to compact the silage on the side of the cellar.

(7) The underground silage cellar needs to prepare a water pump.

2. Disinfection and covering film:

(1) The silage cellar shall be disinfected one week in advance, clean and free of water, mud, soil and residue. The old cellar is thoroughly disinfected.

(2) Lay the wall film in the silage pit, the wall film thickness

is ≥0.08 mm.

(3) The bottom of the wall membrane cellar is extended by 50

cm, and the top and bottom of the cellar are tightly pressed with tires.

3.Harvesting standards:

(1) The optimal dry matter content is 32%-38%, and it is tested with a microwave oven three times a day.

(2) The height of stubble is more than 20 cm.

(3) The cutting length is 1 cm-2 cm, and it is tested with a Penn State Particle Separator three times a day.

(4) The degree of grain breakage is less than or equal to 2 whole grains/L silage.

(5) Choose harvesting equipment with grain crushing function.

4.Quickly enter the cellar

(1) It is forbidden to stack materials for a long time, and stack materials overnight is prohibited.

(2) The first truck material is discharged at a place twice the height of the pit head from the pit head, and piles up the pit walls on both sides, filling the pit in a U-shaped slope, and then pushes the material to the pit head to form a 30° slope.

5. Dense compaction cellar:

(1) It is recommended to select a loader for cellar pressing, and follow the principle that 2.5 times the vehicle weight is the cellar pressing rate.

(2) Rolling is carried out every 500px-625px silage thickness.

(3) Spray silage starter every 500px-625px thickness of silage.

(4) Rolling is carried out on a 30° longitudinal slope, and the U-shaped pit is horizontally pressed.

(5) 1/2 spokes are longitudinally staggered and repeatedly rolled.

(6) The height of the cellar is 1250px-1500px higher than the top of the cellar wall.

(7) Density of pressing cellar ≥750kg/m³.

6. Seal the cellar tightly:

(1) Fold the cellar wall membrane in half and overlap it for about 1 meter.

(2) Cover the outside of the pit roof with a layer of blackwhite film (≥0.12 mm), with the black side facing the silage side and the white side facing outwards.

(3) The ceiling of the cellar shall not exceed 1250px, and the slope of the four walls shall be less than 45°.

(4) Use sandbags to seal the side of the cellar, and use tires for tight pressure on the top of the cellar.

(5) The slope of the closed pit mouth is less than 45°, and the pit mouth silage is fully compacted.

(6) There are rainproof measures or drainage measures.

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